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On-screen Content Engagement Optimisation

At The Filter we are experts at maximising viewer engagement through state of the art machine learning technology and a team of TV specialist data scientists. We deliver users more of what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, regardless of device, all of which are proven to reduce churn and maximise return.

1. Recommended For You

Our comprehensive suite of algorithms are tuned to deliver the very best personalised recommendations for your users, taking into account user history, time of day and what other users are watching on your platform. In addition, we offer the flexibility to push original and new content further up the order, depending on your business objectives.

2. More Like This

We believe that our More Like This (MLT) algorithms are truly market leading using both machine and human interpretation for the very best content linkage. For scale we use automated processes for metadata correlation and then refine using our proprietary canonical data store and expert metadata curators to produce coherent, logical and performance lead MLT connections.

3. Because You Watched

Using our market leading MLT product we offer the opportunity to deliver exceptional content linkage-based recommendations based on users latest viewing history. This MLT lead algorithm enhances personalisation by keeping recommendations focused on recent viewing whilst allowing you to show your users the depth and quality of your catalogue matched to their tastes.

4. Most Popular & Trending

Our popularity and trending algorithms go beyond just overall content popularity but offer dynamic functionality that delivers constant content discovery. As the mood and behaviour changes on your platform, our algorithms display not just what’s popular, but what is trending from the deeper segments of your content catalogue, showcasing more of your content portfolio.

5. Personalised Search

As well as delivering dynamic, fast and intelligent search capabilities, we go beyond just a traditional search tool, tuning results based on a user’s tastes whilst utilising real estate effectively to expand content discovery. At The Filter, we believe no search should return zero results to a user, returning intuitive results with fuzzy matching and suggested searches.

6. UI Optimisation

Utilising everything we learn from our personalisation services, our UI optimisation algorithms select and move rail positioning based on each users tastes and mood states. Our solution provides a dynamic page layout for each user that caters for how each user interacts with your platform, ensuring that you platform is not static and continually learning and adapting to your customers.

Platform & User Analytics

Gathering insight is crucial in understanding consumer behaviour on your platform. Our analytics studio provides you with the very best in dynamic, automated reporting that shines a light on key performance metrics and how users interact with content from every touchpoint of their user journey.

Performance Analytics

Our automated performance analytics dashboards provide you with an easy to digest interpretation of platform performance, giving you total visibility of day-to-day performance and covers every angle from user numbers to viewing conversion. With interactive features that bring your data to life, our analytics suite will give you a wealth of user insights.

Customer Journey Mapping

Using complex analytics our team of dedicated TV analysts provide you with a detailed view on how users navigate, consume and select content from each visit they make to your platform. We translate this into visual reports that build a picture of how users engage with your platform and then our test and learn methodology to optimise platform effectiveness in viewing conversion.

Predictive Analytics

Using analytics and algorithms together, we use your data to predict what users are most likely to watch next, when they will watch it and on what device. All of which can be used to identify individual preferences, predict future actions and events and steer business decisions around personalised experiences including UI design, content sourcing and marketing messaging.

Metadata Enhancement

Consistent, rich and usable metadata is crucial for any OTT to deliver personalisation services. At The Filter we offer you the ability to enhance your metadata catalogue with additional rich data sources that deliver improved content connections and ensure that your personalisation services are optimised for each user.

Metadata Store
– Enrich you own metadata with additional information driven though AI intelligent mapping, language processing and partner data that provide you with everything you need to deliver quality personalisation experiences. In addition we can apply our own ‘Filter Franchises & Tags’ to your data that have been designed specifically to work in personalisation environments.

Personalised Marketing Communications

We offer a range of personalised marketing solutions that are created through combining industry awareness, domain specific knowledge and cutting edge data science techniques.

Data Science for Marketing

Using our intelligent personalisation solutions, we allow you to combine our technology with your marketing communications to drive a truly multi-layered personalisation approach. Whether through email marketing, direct marketing or push notifications, our algorithms can seamlessly feed personalised recommendations into your communications.

Personalised for Your Customers

Excite and surprise your customers with personalised recommendations that match their tastes, likes and mood whilst increasing engagement with your platform. Push them to your most recent content, let them discover more of the best content in your catalogue or give them a nudge to complete the series they have recently been watching.

Enhanced Customer Journeys

We believe that personalisation should not end on platform and should be part of the whole user journey. Using the Filter’s personalisation suite of algorithms, we can feed personalised content into a range of communication channels, proven to uplift response, improve conversion and reduce churn.

Editorial Optimisation​

At The Filter, we believe that algorithms and editorial teams should work together to showcase to users the very best content on your platform. That is why we have developed a number of editorial optimisation tools that work to deliver your premium content to users efficiently and effectively.

Hero Banner Optimisation

We optimise you hero banners by helping to select the right content to promote to each user from a select number of content items defined by you. Our models then test and learn which hero banner are most effective at soliciting a play event, based on customer segmentation, user history and content popularity.

Carousel Placement

Our carousel placement model provides insight into carousel performance based on it’s position on your platform, helping your editorial team to test and learn on the best combinations or carousels based on audience, time of day, device and content depth.

Segment Identification

By using our comprehensive analytics studio tooling, we can create customer segments that can allow your editorial team define, refine and experiment with the most appropriate customer journeys for each user cohort.

Churn Reduction

We know that reducing churn is important for any business, so at The Filter we have developed a range of solutions that tackle the churn challenge. Our solutions allow you identify the key signals of potential churn and then offer strategies to limit users leaving your service.

Churn Risk Modelling

Using our sophisticated modelling capabilities, we are able to score each individual based on their risk profile. By identifying patterns in behaviour or key signals of churn like number of play events or time since last visit, we help you identify those customers that are demonstrating the greatest risk to churn or identify those customers who are worth keeping based on their loyalty to the platform or purchases made.

Churn Management

We offer a range of tactical methodologies that work together to reduce churn, all centred on giving an individual more of what they want, increasing engagement and increasing their value perception. By personalising their experience and communicating to them based on their tastes, our results show this can have a significant effect in reducing churn.

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