Our Data Science Approach​

Data Science sits squarely at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by understanding your data and using our methodical, data-lead approach in all our personalisation & optimisation models, delivers the very best results for you and your users.

Due The Filter’s ten years worth of personalisation experience, we hit the ground running with models that work out of the box. But that’s just the starting point. Every client’s UX, content and customers are unique, and we work with you to continually test and refine based on agreed KPIs.

A continual process of development and testing

Our holistic Data Science approach and team of highly experienced VOD Data Scientists are proven in delivering significant uplifts in results. We pride ourselves in moving the dial for your business and delivering algorithms that deliver users an experience tailored to their needs. But most importantly, we work with our clients in a partnership that pushes the boundaries in the OTT space. Working alongside you and your teams, supporting your business goals and built an a relationship of trust, transparency and flexibility.

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