Why you SHOULD Personalise Sports CX

  Here at The Filter, we specialise in providing bespoke data science solutions for TV and OTT clients. A critical aspect of our product offering is our in-depth understanding of many different genres of content, and the different approaches that should be taken when personalising each of these genres. Although our bread and butter is…
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Getting the most from recommendations

Recommendations are everywhere, you get them from friends and family, you see them when purchasing items from websites, and (surprise, surprise) you even get them on your TV. Implemented well they can be an extremely powerful asset, helping to reduce customer churn and increase engagement. However, we often see that recommendation algorithms are just added…
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The Secret Sauce for TV Recommendations (do not share!) 

The Secret Sauce for TV Recommendations (do not share!)    So I have been at The Filter a little over 6 months now and this has given me a great insight into what is really powering the TV personalisation services we offer: More Like This, Recommended For You, Because You Watched and even Search. Prior to The Filter, I…
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