Personalisation Services – Integration Made Easy!

There is a common misconception that integrations are complex and time consuming, but this does not have to be the case. Here at The Filter, we have over ten years’ experience developing streamlined processes to ensure integrations are a breeze. The reality is, each integration will be slightly different, and this is to be expected.…
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Search – Translating intent into finding the right content  

There’s a core philosophy behind Search at The Filter, and that’s respecting the user’s intent. Whether they come to a service for something they already know they want to watch or are looking to interact with the service to find something new, we believe in providing solutions that deliver users what they’re looking for in the fewest possible clicks. A user who…
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Metadata Enrichment – Getting the most out of your data

To deliver a high-quality personalised experience it is crucial that the metadata being used is consistent, populated, and well-structured. However, access to high quality metadata can be a challenge, with metadata management a common challenge for many within the DTV industry. At The Filter we have access to a suite of data enrichment processors which…
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