Personalisation Innovation in 2022

We are fortunate here at The Filter – we get to focus on just personalisation for OTT/ DTV clients – nothing else. As a business we offer a managed service as many of our clients want personalisation that is (ironically) personalised for their content and customers. This means that we also get to explore with…
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Why Live TV Is Important for Recommendations

Some of the most enjoyable meetings we have with clients are the kick-offs – we usually get to understand the vision a client has for where they want their customer experience to go and the role that personalisation and recommendations can play. We also get to add in our thoughts about what we see working…
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Data Tagging – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In the world of recommendations, Netflix has long been seen as the gold standard of metadata, content classification and data tagging. With its fabled bank of hundreds of freelance ‘Taggers’ that spent hours watching every show and deriving over 8,000 tags, to their 2,000 different user taste groups that drive every recommendation, many in the DTV space have only ever dreamed of…
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