Author: Damien Read

The Secret Sauce for TV Recommendations (do not share!) 

The Secret Sauce for TV Recommendations (do not share!)    So I have been at The Filter a little over 6 months now and this has given me a great insight into what is really powering the TV personalisation services we offer: More Like This, Recommended For You, Because You Watched and even Search. Prior to The Filter, I was on the other side of the fence working for OTT and digital…
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Has Netflix got the perfect OTT home page?

As part of our day job providing personalised customer experiences driven by data science, The Filter helps power and reviews many video-based user interfaces for many different content platforms. These range from emergent OTT services through to complete household, digital set-top-box services and across many genres including box sets, films, catch-up, sports, kids and music. These user interfaces have some clear consistency in layout and structure, but we also see some subtle differences. The Filter also has a significant volume of data to…
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Do You Buy or Do You Build?

Buy or Build for OTT personalisation services? In the race for OTT providers to grab market share and maintain subscriber numbers, personalisation has long been recognised as one of the key drivers to deliver a loved service and move the dial on customer churn. However, personalisation models are often difficult to get right, balancing emotive…
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