Personalisation Services – Integration Made Easy!

There is a common misconception that integrations are complex and time consuming, but this does not have to be the case. Here at The Filter, we have over ten years’ experience developing streamlined processes to ensure integrations are a breeze. The reality is, each integration will be slightly different, and this is to be expected. Which is why we have created a simple abstraction layer that is standardised, commonly implemented, and well understood, eliminating complexity and delivering seamless connectivity of applications and data between ecosystems. Integration made easy!

Understand the client platform – It is important to develop an understanding of the client platform, the architecture, technologies, and available data, prior to commencing any technical integration work. We often find a short integration workshop led by one of our dedicated integration experts, covers all the questions and requirements needed to start integrating. Always with an eye on complete transparency and alignment, getting the preparation right at the beginning is crucial to a smooth integration.

Keep things agile – With an average technical integration time of just two weeks, we pride ourselves on our ability to operate at great speed in an agile framework. Operating under two-week sprints allows our development pipeline to align with external delivery dates and commitments and supports incremental delivery. Integration is further facilitated through direct and transparent communication between our dedicated team and client-side technical teams, often via Slack, Teams or Zoom.

Integrations to personalisation services are typically split into 3 simple parts:

  • Platform Deployment
  • Data Ingestion
  • API Usage

Platform deployment begins with the input of some simple data points around the service sizing, locale, and integration type. Operating in the cloud, we have a number of flexible deployment options, all of which are driven entirely by configuration, allowing us to be up and running, ready to ingest data in no time at all.

Personalisation services often operate within a real-time ecosystem, and as such, should be provisioned to meet the demands of unpredictable traffic patterns, such as, sudden peaks and large numbers of concurrent usage. With this in mind, we operate a highly scalable and resilient service architecture, leveraging multi-zone services with regional fallbacks for protection against wide scale outages.

It is important to understand that sometimes even the big providers such as GPC and AWS have issues, to read more about cloud resilience, check out our forthcoming blog on The Importance of Fallbacks in the Cloud.

Data ingestion is often considered to be one of the most complex and time-consuming elements of any integration with a new system or platform. We understand that all clients will operate differently, hold different data types, in many different formats and data stores. Whether the data is available via a file-based collection, API feed or via an intermediary service such as mParticle, our data engineering team have extensive experience in this space and will support and work with you to streamline the process. As part of all data integrations, we shape and mould our entry points to simplify and reduce development time on the client side.

API Usage – we keep things simple by utilising widely used, industry standard methods. Using our API could not be easier to understand and call upon. We take care of the complex data enrichment and learning processing that sit behind the API, abstracting these in parallel to ensure no matter how complex the operation, we always return in good time. With our API design we can ensure that integrations are future proofed against compatibility changes between services and devices.

“API Connection can be made in as little as two days”

Simple connectivity – connecting to our API could not be simpler. One of our recent integrations took just under two days for our API to be integrated into the client’s platform. Some of the feedback from the technical teams included “It’s like you are part of our own team” and “We have never worked with a team that delivers to time as you do”. Our expert team are always on hand and work in partnership with you to ensure a smooth integration.

Enable warp drive – with an increasing number of features being pushed to devices such as TVs, mobile apps, and smart devices, it is vital that all integration points are highly optimised and highly responsive, considering the often-limited resource available on such devices. Our integration is built with this in mind, keeping object sizes small and response times super-fast, allowing for maximum coverage of that precious real estate with rich features for the optimal user experience.

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About The Filter

The Filter offers personalisation of key customer touch points based on proven data science. We put the right content in front of a customer at the right time. More views mean more loyalty, lower churn, and more revenue.

The Filter prides itself on working closely with clients both during set-up and roll-out to make sure that the client’s customers are always getting optimal recommendations. We are an agency not a SaaS provider. We have a genuinely deep TV understanding which means our data science solutions work exceptionally well for your viewers. We work with you to tailor our AI to your customer experience, your audiences, and your content. All integrated effortlessly into your data ecosystem allowing you to benefit from the power of personalisation easily and quickly, developing your platform at speed.