Churn Intervention Tool at the DPP

The Filter has been selected by the Digital Production Partnership to present its new Churn Intervention Tool at the DPP speed pitching event on Thursday 3rd September 2020. As most trade shows and industry gatherings have been cancelled in the wake of Coronavirus, the DPP has developed an exciting new format based on a three minute, video pitching event where vendors and potential clients can understand new and innovative products in the OTT industry.

The Filter’s new Churn Intervention Tool has been selected for the ‘Audience & Data’ section of the event. This tool builds on the proven content personalisation data science that The Filter has developed over the last 15 years to allow clients to predict which customers are at risk of churning and what to do about it. Interventions to re-engage customers include generating personalised content for marketing tools such as email, push notification or Facebook retargeting. It also includes new and different on-screen customer experience to surface the content these ‘at risk’ customers really want to see.

In order to meaningfully tackle OTT churn, you must have a data science team that also understands TV and how customers engage with all the different types of content out there; movies, TV shows, sports and kids. You must also find a partner that will take the time to craft an AI solution that works for your business and your content. This is where The Filter comes to the fore. To find our more, watch the event or email